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Friday, April 2, 2010

A to Z in a very random manner ;p

very much so i'm afraid :)

February 26th , an important date for me

none for the time being ;)

Drink you last had
water, the best drink ever !

Easiest person to talk to
my friends , i love them so much

Favourite Song
Runaway - Love and Theft

Gummy bears or Gummy Worms
Gummy Worms !!

Jakarta (loves)

In Love with
Jasper Hale !! hahaha..

oranges ? but they always fall :(

Killed someone
in my head ? a lot of times..

Longest car ride
6 hours i think ?! forgot to where though.

Milkshake Flavor
chocolate ! no.. oreo ! no.. strawberry ! arghh.. i can't decide..

Number of Siblings
1 little sister, she was born to make my life miserable :p
One Wish
to have my dreams come true no matter how insane they are

Person you called last
my mum : "where r u, mum?"

Reason to smile
there's no reason to smile, you just do and i love it :D

Song you last heard
Jesse McCartney - Just So You Know

Time you woke up
today? 11 am, i think.

Underwear color/pattern
i'm not telling ! i refuse to ;p

eww.. i hate any food that is green.

Worst habit
biting nails.. :(

X rays you haved
health check before i got into the special acceleration class

You are
craving for sushi and chocolate pudding =9

Zodiac sign
Pisces.. and i think they messed up on the personality thing xP

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