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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

creamy fattening & heavenly = Starbucks ♥ fun facts about Starbucks

hello :D sorry it took me so long to update.. i just didn't feel like blogging much (i know! shocking right?) but i'm here now ..

a fact about me that u'll all be happy to learn is that i'm addicted to Starbucks ! and if u love starbucks too,join the club dear

and here's a few fun facts about Starbucks, enjoy :
( i wish i have a grande dark mocha frappuccino right now =9 )

  1. There are over 16.000 Starbucks outlet all over the world !
  2. Starbucks used to have "short" for small instead of "Tall" but nobody ever ordered it so they made "Tall" small.
  3. Starbucks sells around 20 million cups of coffee each week !
  4. The pastry at Starbucks with the lowest amount of calories is the lowfat blueberry muffin (290 cal)
  5. A typical customer stops by 18 times a month.
  6. Starbucks has donated over 50,000 pounds of coffee to the Red Cross
  7. Coffee is harvested during November and December
  8. The most expensive coffee Starbucks sells is Kona Coffee, which retails at 22 bucks a pound.
  9. The name frappuccino is a portmanteau of “frappé” (French for “well chilled”) or “frappe” (New England name for ‘ice cream milkshake) and “cappuccino”
  10. The first Starbucks location outside of North America opened in Tokyo in 1996
  11. In Quebec, Canada, the Short size is referred to as Piccolo while the Tall size is referred to as Mezzo, continuing the Italian naming trend
  12. If you are a UVA sorority member, odds are pretty damn high that you have ordered a grande, sugar free vanilla, nonfat latte
  13. Starbucks was in part named after Starbuck, the Chief Mate character in the book Moby-Dick, as well as a turn-of-the-century mining camp (Starbo or Storbo) on Mount Rainier.
  14. The company logo, modeled after a 15th century Norse woodcut, is a mixoparthenos, or “twin-tailed mermaid, or siren as she’s known in Greek mythology”.
  15. There are 87,000 possible different drink combinations at Starbucks, and baristas average approximately 3 min. per customer
  16. Baristas use the word ‘pumps’ to refer to our syrups, and ’shot’ to refer to the espresso.
  17. Starbucks drive-thrus are nearly twice as efficient as a typical fast food’s drive thru.
  18. Starbucks has never, and will not, sell fountain drinks. If you ask the barista for soda, you will probably hear a snort of derision. After all, it is Starbucks COFFEE and TEA company.
  19. SUPER rare drink (i.e not available at most stores, and not really well known): Caffè Medici — A doppio poured over chocolate syrup and orange peel, with whipped cream on top
  20. The most mispronounced drink order at Starbucks is a Caramel Macchiato. Macchiato is properly pronounced as makija’to
  21. if you’re cutting calories, DON’T even bother with the pastries. A cinnamon scone, for example (a seemingly healthy choice) has the calorie and sodium content of roughly 1.3333 Big Macs.
  22. Mocha doesn’t mean chocolate in Italian- it refers to a type of coffee bean grown in Mocha, Yemen that tastes similar to cocoa. Mocha is not an italian word- Italian for chocolate is “cioccolato”
  23. Any coffee shop that has the drink “mocha latte” is seriously Italian-challenged. Literally translated, this means “chocolate flavored milk” and that’s not what you want, now is it?
  24. Latte is Italian for “milk” “caffe” refers to the Italian espresso, which is the basis for Starbucks espresso, and is often served with cream on the side. “caffe latte”= milk with espresso..
  25. The calling and drink naming system. This is probably by far the most confusing aspect. The system runs as follows. There is a default method for making all drinks, and the calling system is the most consistent way to let the barista know what the customer wants. There is a default recipe for every drink, so the cashier will only call the changes that are made to the drink. The system works really well because the barista will always know what order the changes come in, and they can adjust accordingly. (Decaf, #of shots, cup size, syrup, milk, custom, drink type)
      1. For example, a grande latte normally has two shots of espresso, and whole milk. If the customer asks for a grande latte, that’s how the cashier will call it to the barista. However, if a person wants a non-fat, triple, decaf, hazelnut, extra-hot mocha, the cashier will call it in this order: decaf, triple, grande, sugar-free hazelnut, non-fat, extra-hot mocha.
  26. The pasty with the highest calorie content to date is the cinnamon roll at 640 cal & the dearly worshiped B/W Cookies have 66 g of cholesterol.
  27. The seasonal blends: Every promotional period, Starbucks comes out with unique blends of coffee. These blends are quite polarized: either they are amazing…or they’re really, really bad. Try ‘em when they come out though, it’s totally worth it.
  28. the Christmas blend does actually change from year to year!
  29. Coffee masters: Amazing people. Try have to pass rigorous taste testing and they basically know everything there is to know about coffee. Worship them.
  30. Tip the baristas at Starbucks because they get low salaries (surprising !)


cherrylaces ♥

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