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Friday, May 28, 2010

girls' worst enemies & best friends

i've neglected my blog for how long now?  i can't remember
& i'd like to blame the finals for that.
stupid school.. i hope i pass them all tho. so best of luck for me

girls' worst enemies & best friends
who are they?

1. Food

yup ! food. especially desserts. coz girls tend to have cravings eventhough they're not pregnant. at least me & my friends do, i don't know about other girls :)

& it's top on my list because i love food as much as i love clothes, hell ! even more maybe. i have a very sweet tooth & i can't stop eating no matter how much i want to. sucks i know :)

Look at Those Food ! all calories & calling out on us to eat them =9

2. High Heels

i bet many girls around the world has claimed these to be their worst enemies lol. why? 
coz it god damn hurts to wear them for too long ! 
& besides, wearing too much heels is not good for ur health & body. it stops u from growing taller, so stick with the sneakers when u're still a teenager. really! they r so comfortable & i'll even wear them with dresses ;)

but they really do make u look good.. makes ur legs seem longer & so many other reasons to wear them. why does designers have to make them all look so good !

3. Designer Brands

wtf?! haha.. i'm not kidding u know.
think of it this way.. all those world class famous designers with their own names on stores all around the world design a dress that probably cost more than ur school fee for a year ! & u want it really bad.. isn't it torture?

and knowing that the price of that dress if it was in some other average class hops will be 1/100 of the price of it in a designer brand shop really hurts your heart. 

& therefore, i proclaim them as my enemy and subject of desire ! lol

4. Boys 

this need no explanation i believe :)

5. Technology

yes ! technology .. as in phones, laptops, etc etc..

my father hates me for texting all the time & really. who can blame me? technology & me can't be separated. name it i'll want it ! :)

these are all i could think of for now 


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